Everything You Need To Know About Your Ecommerce Business In One Place (Desktop And Mobile )


All Of Your Ecommerce Metrics, In One Place.

Stop wasting time toggling from tab to tab. Easily integrate your data from Shopfiy, Facebook, Google, and other popular apps for your store. Including apps like Klaviyo and Gorgias.

See Performance In Real-Time - on the Go.

Track profits, Blended ROAS, LTV and much more in a clean & clear mobile app so that you can make the decisions to efficiently run your business without sacrificing peace of mind & your time.

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Catch problems before it’s too late. Easily set alerts for cart abandonment or Rising CPM's. Triple will send you a push notification. Control exactly when you are notified by controlling the trigger threshold.

Chrome Extension

No need to go into Triple to see your MER, Facebook ad spend or net profit, with our Chrome extension you can get all your stats in real time in the native Shopify dashboard.

Monitoring With Machine Learning

Triple Whale builds machine learning models to understand patterns and deviations for each metric. We detect the anomalies and alert you in real time.

LTV Cohorts

Dive deep into cohort analysis, understand 60 and 90 day LTV value, as well as retention / repeat analytics. Triple Whale also helps you predict future revenue of any given cohort based on your data history

Segment cohorts by first product purchased, discount code, or any other important metric.

Activity Feed

Triples Activity feed is like Shopifys activity feed, if it was built to connect to all your services. We pull all the changes that happen on Shopify, Facebook, Google Klaviyo.

Smart Assistants To Help You Operate Better.

Coming Soon! - AI Assistants - At triple we don’t believe that AI is the solution to everything, but we do believe that building end to end AI automation systems for specific tasks, can reduce human error and unnecessary work.  We are working hard on building AI assistances that Fit in to your current workflow for Facebook ads, inventory, Support, operations and more...

Inventory Assistant.

We use your current sales, your growth rate, and historic data to model the future and Notify you when you should order more inventory, and what SKUs to discontinue- based on profitability and sell-throughs.


7-day free trial. Pricing adjusts based on your trailing 60 days of revenue.

7 Day Free Trial No Credit Card Required
  • $0-$100K: $49/Month
  • $100K-$300K: $149/Month
  • $300K-$600K: $249/Month

Facebook Ads Assistant.

If you’re like me, you don’t love using Facebook ad rules but you wish someone was watching them all day, notifying you when things are going wrong and when there are opportunities to scale.  We at Triple spent over 5 million dollars this year on ads and we don’t intend to replace media buyers with AI, just build a really affective VA that’s always watching your ads.